Wednesday, 16 January 2013

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You can also check this "in the media" page, which includes a selection of public speaking engagements and more recent writings and research by Lida Hujić, author of The First to Know

Articles and talks around the topic of "morbid is the new fun" and the "new consciousness consumer" are an update of the ideas first developed in The First to Know book. The latter covered the nineties and noughties, while the "morbid stuff" is 'the first to know" for the teens ('the first to know' model of cultural enquiry is proving to be pertinent again).

What you will find in this section by scrolling down is a selection of press/media (in English) about The First to Know (by no means exhaustive – just a taster!). The following links are included below:

1. Features/interviews with Lida about The First to Know (DAZED & CONFUSED; TIME OUT; MONOCLE; HOUSE)

2. Guest editorials/features by Lida for RUN RIOT (London’s hippest cultural barometer), IDOL Magazine (emerging fashion and lifestyle), THE ECOLOGIST (magazine), RW Connect (marketing research and trade magazine), RESEARCH LIVE (marketing research magazine)

3. Broadcast on RESONANCE FM (award-winning radio station), MASHINA O (LAIBACH remix by DJ/Producer EROL SABADOSH) and special video clip, all to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the now ‘legendary’ Omladinski Program Radio Sarajevo (1987 – 1992)

4. Photo albums from THE FIRST TO KNOW GATHERINGS, the curated event off-shoot of The First to Know (unpredictable, in perpetual move but always capturing the zeitgeist) - more on ('Trailblazing')

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Features/interviews with Lida about The First to Know (selection only - more available on request)

Dazed and Confused
(Arts and culture, interview with A. Battista)

Time Out
(Read It!, Editor review)

Monocle (radio)
(Culture, interview with R. Bound)

House (Magazine)
(Features, interview with J. Quirk)
accessible to members only across House Seven internationally - pdf copy on request for non members

Guest editorials/features by Lida (just a selection - more available on request)

Run Riot 
(London’s uber hip cultural barometer)

link to Lida's editorial page/a number of features and reviews:

(independent fashion and lifestyle magazine - idolmag(dot)co(dot)uk)

Feature to mark the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking TV programme: YO! MTV Raps
in issue 6, the Dreamers, available online or stockists internationally:

see FB link for more info and access to online shop:

The Ecologist 
(magazine - consumer press)

Vive le vert, why green is the new black:

Craftmanship, a dying art?:

Ecofashion, how green became the new black:

RW Connect 
(magazine - marketing research and trade press) 

Leveraging innovation in the workplace &
Who's the first to know?:

Research Live
(magazine - marketing research and trade press)

The New Consciousness Consumer: