Wednesday 16 January 2013

Guest editorials/features by Lida (just a selection - more available on request)

Run Riot 
(London’s uber hip cultural barometer)

link to Lida's editorial page/a number of features and reviews:

(independent fashion and lifestyle magazine - idolmag(dot)co(dot)uk)

Feature to mark the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking TV programme: YO! MTV Raps
in issue 6, the Dreamers, available online or stockists internationally:

see FB link for more info and access to online shop:

The Ecologist 
(magazine - consumer press)

Vive le vert, why green is the new black:

Craftmanship, a dying art?:

Ecofashion, how green became the new black:

RW Connect 
(magazine - marketing research and trade press) 

Leveraging innovation in the workplace &
Who's the first to know?:

Research Live
(magazine - marketing research and trade press)

The New Consciousness Consumer: